Abramovich so passionate about football and Chelsea – ex Chelsea manager

Former Chelsea and present Inter Milan manager, Antonio Conte is full of praise when reflecting his time at Chelsea.

“It’s always very difficult when there is a stop between the club and the coach,” said Conte to the The Telegraph. “I think never, never the club try to explain the decision. But in our job we must accept this type of situation.

To be the coach of Chelsea is not simple. You must live with great pressure, especially from the outside, but it was a pity to stop my coaching after only two seasons because I created a real link with the fans and with the players.

“Sometimes, you can agree because the results are negative and sometimes, you don’t understand why. But I think you must accept and I keep good memories with Chelsea, the club, with Mr Abramovich, who is a very passionate man for his football. It was incredible, especially in my first season, because he was very, very close to me, asking about my football and my ideas.

“Many times he came to the training ground to meet me and I remember he wanted to watch the video about our game and about our preparation – the way we wanted to face the opponent. I think in my career, he was one of the most passionate men about football and I keep good memories about him and about the club, an important club in the world.”

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