Czech Republic international Jakub Jankto comes out as gay: ‘I no longer want to hide’

Czech Republic international and Sparta Prague midfielder Jakub Jankto has come out as gay.

The 27-year-old midf posted an incredibly powerful video on social media to announce the news.

“Hi, I’m Jakub Jankto,” he said in a video published on his Twitter page. “Like everybody else, I have my strengths, I have my weaknesses; I have a family, I have my friends.

“I have a job, which I have been doing it as best as I can, for years, with seriousness, professionalism and passion. Like everybody else, I also want to live my life in freedom without fears, without prejudice, without violence, but with love.

“I am homosexual, and I no longer want to hide myself.”

Jankto’s club side Sparta Prague released a statement of their own supporting his decision.

“Jakub spoke openly about his sexual orientation with the club some time ago,” they said. “Everything else concerns his personal life. No further comments. No more questions. You have our support. Live your life, Jacob. Nothing else matters.”

La Liga outfit Getafe also commented on Jankto’s announcement, saying: “Our utmost respect and unconditional support to our footballer Jakub Jankto.”

The Premier League added: “We’re with you, Jakub. Football is for everyone.”

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