After you have made your own research and concluded,becoming a member is very easy but based on protocols which must be followed rightly.
1-Either you meet your EXCHANGER i.e the person that Introduced (he/she will do it all ..fill your details for you and activate)
2-Sign up yourself from the site making payments to INKSNATION directly
3-Do the Sign up process (fill your details) yourself and make payment to the known exchanger for activation

To sign up,
You can use the following sites(all are the same ,splitted into four in order to reduce the traffic on just a site) fastest)

⚫Click Sign up

▶️ BRONZE – Monthly Pinkoin Salary ₦120,000 ($342) worth of Pinkoin at ₦4,000 ($11) Daily for life.

▶️ SILVER – Monthly Pinkoin Salary ₦180,000 ($514)worth of Pinkoin at ₦6,000($17) Daily for life.

▶️GOLD – Monthly Pinkoin Salary
₦240,000($686) worth of Pinkoin at
₦8,000($23) Daily for life.

▶️DIAMOND – Monthly Pinkoin Salary
₦300,000($857) worth of PINKOIN at ₦10, 000($28) for life.
The price of the plan changes with time
As of TODAY(SEPTEMBER 09) it’s 1,10,100(all in thousands)1M
By SEPTEMBER 12 it raises by ×3

⚫Make sure you fill in your details correctly
I advise you use the method number 3 so that you would have no one to blame if there is any mistake

If you’re for method number three,after undertaking the SIGN UP process,and you don’t have an EXCHANGER to activate you, screenshot and forward to this number 08183141421 via WhatsApp only (wait for response) no calling!
NOTE: Unless you’re activated and verified,you’re still not a member

HOW TO BE A VERIFIED USER(verified account)

Unless you’re verified,you’re not a full member of INKSNATION

1. Login to your dashboard

2. Click on KYC/AML button

3. Select state of residence & pick a verified exchanger location close to you.

4. Visit the verified exchanger with your printed PinKard and a Valid ID (International Passports, National ID card, Voters card most preferably)

5. You will be verified at the office of the verified exchanger.

P.S: Verification is PHYSICAL (must)and it is done in order to prevent double accounts (some have double accounts)
You can not cheat the system so if you are having/thinking of having two accounts attached to just you,I want to advise you to clear that off your mind and do that which is right because if you’re caught,you will be blocked immediately and that’s all for you(might be sanctioned too)
Verification is absolutely FREE and please don’t hesitate to report any form of extortion or fraudulent activities you may experience.

You should only CLICK ON ACTIVATE CARD above your PinKard only when you are ready to do the main Humanitarian JOB meaning you’re ready to be an EXCHANGER and also ready to abide by all the policy laid by INKSNATION
Don’t click ACTIVATE CARD if you do not want to be an EXCHANGER


All you need to do is
1-Go to your wallet
2-Click on the three lines at the upper right corner of the interface
3-Click PINKARD (make sure you have completely filled your details in your account)
4-Your PinKard will be loaded,Zoom to a larger size(let it be clear)
6-Go and print it where they print plastic cards /Go and meet your exchanger to print it out for you

I’m just a MEMBER and a MERCHANT(I’m ready to accept PINKOIN as an exchange Currency for my services) who dedicates her time and energy towards understanding it’s all about and helping others understand willingly!

Do you find this helpful?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below

Thank you

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