Naomi Campbell’s Kenya tourism appointment causes row

Naomi Campbell and Kenyan Tourism Minister Najib Balala sealed the deal during the weekend

British supermodel Naomi Campbell was appointed as Kenya’s tourism ambassador which has caused a Twitter storm in the East African nation.

Many said Hollywood actress Lupita Nyong’o, who acted alongside Chadwick Boseman in the Black Panther movie should have been chosen.

Due to the Pandemic Kenya’s tourism sector has been badly hit with visitor numbers down by 72% between January and October last year.

“The sector hence lost over 110bn Kenyan shillings [$1bn, £738m] of direct international tourists’ revenue due to the Covid-19 pandemic,” Kenya’s Tourism Research Institute reported last month.

“We welcome the exciting news that Naomi Campbell will advocate for tourism and travel internationally for the Magical Kenya brand,” Mr Balala said.

The tourism industry usually contributes about 8.8% to Kenya’s annual Gross domestic product (GDP), according to Kenya’s East African newspaper.

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  1. Adesope Mubarak says:

    The connection between them is the ability of the entertainers to promote or boost the tourist industry of a country using their global appeal.

    The fuss is about why was Naomi chosen instead of their own star. They don’t want an outsider or let me say foreigner, they want someone from their own country.

  2. Merciful says:

    But what’s the connection between entertainers and tourism industry? Why the whole fuss?

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