What a year 2021 was with lots of unbelievable and massive success dominated the year. From Lionel Messi’s departure from FC Barcelona, Cristiano Ronaldo’s return and Argentina long awaited major international trophy heartbreak healed.

2021 will remain a year every football fan will always look back to and cherish one moment or the other, well probably not for FC Barcelona fans.Let’s get down to the top moments of 2021.


2021 was full of unbelievable moments and the perfect example of that is Lionel Messi leaving FC Barcelona after 21-year love affair.

Lionel Messi broke down in tears at his farewell conference

After winning 35 trophies and over 500 appearances, there shouldn’t be much argument when it’s been said Messi is a living legend of FC Barcelona and football in general.

On August 8, 2021 Lionel Messi departure was announced. Of course everyone was shocked even those outside the football jurisdiction.

Messi was welcomed by lots of Paris Saint-Germain fans and the whole Paris city at large

He joined Paris Saint-Germain to a much fanfare. With one league goal in Ligue 1 so far, it can be said Lionel Messi is still adjusting to his new environment.


When Ronaldo and Messi change club in the same transfer window then you’ll know how insane 2021 was.

Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United have been in the making for years and finally his returned was made official as soon as the opportunity was available.

After the 2009 UCL final against Barcelona, he left United for Real Madrid.His first match after sealing his sensational return was against Newcastle and of course he announced his return to Premier League football in a grand style by scoring twice in a match United won 4 – 1.

The Siuuuuuu celebration is now in EPL

He’s now United 14th all-time goalscorer with 132 goals in 312 appearances.3. Kun AguerooooooWhen you want to discuss a fairytale story, Sergio kun Aguero is the perfect example. A legend of the game with over 400 goals. His goalscoring ability was enjoyed so much by Manchester City with 260 goals.Out of all his 260 goals, the goal that produced ‘Aguerooooo’ will forever remain immortal.


Manchester City were aiming to win their first league title since 1968. On May 13, 2012 Manchester City faced a hard task of defeating Queen Park Rangers to ensure they are crowned EPL Champions. With the game tied at 2-2, hopes were vanishing but at exactly 92:20, Aguero produced the magical moment all City and football fans will always remember.He left City after their Champions League final heartbreak and joined FC Barcelona. October 30,2021, he suffered a chest pain and dizziness during FC Barcelona league match encounter against Alaves in Camp Nou.

He was eventually advised to retire from the beautiful game due to his health condition. His only goal for Barcelona came against arch-rival Real Madrid.

Despite scoring a single goal, he was treated as a legend by FC Barcelona

4. COPA Success

Finally!!! Lionel Messi and the Argentine squad and Argentina at large won an international trophy after so many heart break.

Lionel Messi couldn’t hide his emotions

Of course, Messi was instrumental to the success. He scored 4 goals, joint with Luis Diaz and provided 5 assists. He contributed 9 out of 13 goals scored by the national team throughout the entire competition.

Lionel Messi was joined by his emotional teammates

The Al Albicelte last won the trophy in 1993. After Angel di Maria 22′ goal, Argentina defeated Brazil by a goal to nill and sealed their first trophy in 28 years.

Argentina first major trophy in 28 years

Messi won the Golden boot as he also became the first Argentine player to appear in six different editions of the Copa America (2007 – 2021). Argentina and Uruguay won 15 each.July 11, 2021 will always be remembered by the Argentine squad, Argentines, Messi and his beloved fans.

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