INKSNATION||PINKOIN everywhere, so many still skeptical if it’s LEGIT or SCAM without even trying to know it is all about.

Well, there’s no problem. You gat my back. I Will try to make you understand INKSNATION after making vigorous researches and following up their pages and NATIONAL PLATFORMS willingly (doing my humanitarian service as one of the promoters of INKSNATION)

I want you to please sit back and let’s flow the flow together (funny right)as I make you comprehend the topic in question. One of the best things that can happen to someone is to UNDERSTAND WHATSOEVER ONE IS INTO and I want the best for you too (for both members and those that aren’t yet)

Now the first question is ,Who INVENTED the Blockchain on which this crypto currency is BUILT?

iBSmartify Nigeria invented the World’s First Blockchain For Human Asset Development (InksLedger) and the World’s First Charitable Trust DAO (InksNation) which can end poverty in any country in less than 9 months incentivizing goodness, promoting love, unity, oneness, peace and equitable distribution of wealth.

It introduces a totally different type of currency ” The Rise of The Distributed Reserve Cryptocurrency”meaning the Blockchain is a distributed Blockchain and not decentralized like others making it very UNIQUE.


The Native Reserve Cryptocurrency is PINKOIN which is the Primary Coin on the InksLeder Blockchain, therefore, INKSNATION is on a mission to end poverty in Nigeria on or before August 2020(with lots of testimonies to back it up )

PINKOIN will pay every single Nigerian, African and the World at Large including babies born everyday a minimum of N120,000 ($330) monthly for life as UCBI (Universal Child Basic Income) all in PINKOIN/IBNAIRA

Because, it is estimated globally that by 2025, 80% of jobs will be automated by machines and artificial intelligence. This will leave a lot of people jobless affecting African Nations the most. Humans are the biggest assets on earth, so our blockchain is therefore the World’s First Blockchain to be backed by HUMAN ASSET, which makes it possible to incentivise its valuer (you & I).

Why is INKSNATION paying it end users SALARY?

Instead of making humans compete with AI for jobs, we are proposing and building a new ecosystem where AI itself becomes our national & universal housemaids, servants and messengers while we the Human Assets live like Kings & Queens that God had programmed us to be.

We are the median generation and it’s our collective calling to correct the errors of all the past generations put together, and we have to get it right and most importantly we have successfully killed the Godship & Worship of money by backing it with the world’s biggest asset (Human Asset) which ties its value to the direct value it gives the human race. (Source www.inksnation.io )


  1. It will rake in over $847 Billion Dollars in PinkReserve for the government
  2. It is also a weak currency bail out scheme making the currency get more value as it incentivises the human assets.
  3. It also serves as the best way to go cashless with benefits.
  4. It will take away lots of burden on government by automating almost everything
  5. And lots more.

BENEFITS TO NIGERIANS (Adults, Youths & even kids)
From August 2020

  1. Every single member in InksNation Nigeria will have access to Daily, Weekly, Monthly Allowances from the blockchains iBNaira Balance reducing dependencies and burden on the government parents or anybody.
  2. Youths can pay for their upkeep, their schoolings, and every single thing they need for their human sustainability without disturbing their parents.
  3. Upkeep, schooling, feeding & everything is taken care of for Children including for babies born daily.
  4. Pregnant women will get double benefits adding the upkeep for the baby in the womb.

Crimes, Kidnappings, Ashawo, Olosho, Baby Mamaism, and a host of nationwide ills will reduce.

This is a mission to achieve a minimum of N4000 ($11) daily and minimum of N120k Monthly as universal child basic income from August 2020 for everyone who joins this moving train.

Are you getting it?I guess you should have at least understood a little if not all.

THANK YOU for reading all through.

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