Uruguay players want Man Utd striker’s punishment overturned

Uruguay’s players’ union has called on the Football Association to overturn Edinson Cavani’s three-match ban.

The former Paris Saint-Germain forward was fined £100,000 and banned for the next three matches for an Instagram post.

Luis Suarez and Diego Godin have both shared a statement by their national players’ union that calls the punishment a “discriminatory” act.

Uruguay’s Football Association (AUF) also wants the ban reviewed.

Uruguay’s captain, Godin and Atletico Madrid striker, Luis Suarez shared a letter of support for their international team-mate, written by the Uruguayan Football Players’ Association (AFU).

“Edinson Cavani has never committed any conduct that could be interpreted as racist,” said the AFU statement.

“He merely used a common expression in Latin America to affectionately address a loved one or close friend.

“The sanction shows the English Football Association’s biased, dogmatic and ethnocentric vision that only allows a subjective interpretation to be made from its particular and excluding conclusion, however flawed it may be.

“We request the FA to immediately overturn the sanction imposed on Edinson Cavani and reinstate his good name and honour in the world that has been so unfairly tarnished by this reprehensible decision.”

The Uruguayan FA said: “We are convinced from our deep knowledge of the person and the analysis of the fact that he is not worthy of the [the punishment] nor the consequent moral damage.”

Cavani did apologise for his post and later deleted it. He said:

“It was intended as an affectionate greeting to a friend, thanking him for his congratulations after the game,” said the former Napoli and Paris St-Germain striker.

“The last thing I wanted to do was cause offence to anyone.

“I am completely opposed to racism and deleted the message as soon as it was explained that it can be interpreted differently.”

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