Personally,I don’t venture into things I don’t understand so to say I took my time and energy to make findings about INKSNATION ,joined their TELEGRAM National Platform groups,State Group ,Followed their Social media Pages all this done in order to see how things are going (you can join Inksnation’s Telegram group here InksNation||PinKoin Team
InksNation, check out site and other social media handles.

Back to the main thing
Why is Inksnation not a SCAM
I am anwsering this realistically and factually from my research and findings

Firstly, INKSNATION DAO is a registered Organization under Corporate Affairs Commission with the reg number 148896
(I would advise you check it out yourself)
-Go to your browser
-Search Corporate Affairs Commission CAC
-Under companies,in the search space ,type INKSNATION DAO and you will be shown


Thirdly, INKSNATION have not failed any PROMISE made to it members ranging from the monthly universal basic income,exchange of PKN to local currencies (started AUGUST 12 for first batch),PTM(pinkoin teller machine)have also landed in Nigeria few days ago and others

Also,as I have said earlier ,I’m virtually following INKSNATION||PINKOIN on all their social media handles particularly TELEGRAM .The group is a very disciplined one as UDI will say “we are not joking “
From my experience ,I salute how organized they’re and also how real democracy is being played (meetings ,voting and more).
Amazingly ,members are warned frequently and regularly not to fall into the hands of SCAMMERS as no INKSNATION ADMIN will chat any member FIRST (and that’s the truth).
Members are instructed to block any one who chats them up claiming to be one investor or the other.
You can give it a try ,just join the TELEGRAM National Platform of INKSNATION(link above) and get the feeling too without even registring (I’m pretty sure you’ll be puzzled and would love to join immediately)

INKSNATION doesn’t condole any form indiscipline and spamming (this is not me just typing it but you can see it clearly from the screenshots)

Furthermore,all activities are transparent and any changes are made known to the members on TIME . Meetings are held regularly among Excos ,Exchangers and also with end users (this is to tell that it’s indeed really after the goodness of the masses) because NO Organization that have the intent of SCAMMING PEOPLE at the end will be this serious and transparent with its members .INKSNATION is a combination OF LOVE, SACRIFICE and DISCIPLINE.

Moreover,people in other countries ( Cairo,Ghana,South Africa,Spain and others)are embracing INKSNATION even before soo many NIGERIANS and this pains me alot (that’s how others get hold of what we invent when we don’t want to embrace what is ours SO SAD!)which is why I won’t rest until I do my best as a patriotic NIGERIAN to spread the Initiative.
Let’s EMBRACE what’s ours

I didn’t use a Nigerian Merchant(we have lots) as testimony just for you to know that INKSNATION isn’t only Inking NIGERIA but Africa and the whole world at large…

In comparison to other countries like the US who is just starting to test run its Digital US dollar.

Read about federal reserve digital dollar

“What America, UAE and lots of other Nations are just realizing, We have seen long long time ago that robots/machines will take over the work force and humans will have no meaning anymore bcos humanity derives their meaning from being employed but the solution is to tie all value around human asset ie convert all humans into livingnodes as the most important asset in the ecosystem then incentivise them for being livingnodes on the blockchain with the UBI or UCBI (Universal Child Basic Income)

We have started, tested and manifested with our UCBI running already.

Thanks to Elohim Jahgah (Allah) for opening our early
Thanks to InksNation &
Thanks to all Members

We can now show the world what Africa is made of and that Nigeria is the solution of the world
Nigeria (The New Nazareth – Where nothing good was expected from)” –(UNIVERSALDADDYINK)–

Moreso,the inventor is not ANONYMOUS (he is known)
UniversalDaddyInk Amos Sewanu Omotade-Sparks. This is unlike what we have for Wazobia Investment that has no known owner(s). At least, we know who to hold accountable peradventure things go wrong(which I doubt by the will of God)

Conclusively,all the aforementioned points are my own part on PINKOIN review after making vigorous researches and follow ups so far.

CRYPTOCURRENCY as come to stay INKSNATION as come to stay!!
Let the NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT embrace the INKSLEDGER TENDER before other countries do(my opinion)

I’m just a MEMBER and a MERCHANT(I’m ready to accept PINKOIN as an exchange Currency for my services) who dedicate her time towards understanding it’s all about and helping others understand willingly!

Take reasonable risks and that which you can afford to lose (the choice is yours to make)

Now,over to you–What is your opinion concerning INKSNATION?

Will you be signing up or you’re still skeptical?

Leave me your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Fauziyya Bashir

    This inksnation am assured u guys is real all my family & Friends are members while now I become an exchanger!

  • Friday

    Without doubt, I believed in inksnation and I’m a registered member.
    Life is all about risk and one of the many reasons people find it difficult to embrace such opportunity is as a result of the level of fraudsters and scammers all over the world.
    I suggest the honorable CEO should enlighten people more by going on air via radio station. Thank you 🙏🙏

  • Emmanuel Uvbiagele

    Is there no other way you can make up to verify our account aside using of BVN because that is the major and only problem with the platform sofar

  • Abdulbaqi Maryam

    Hlo there!
    Good day.

    Contact this number 08183141421 to get that.
    I understand your fear(it’s allowed 😀)

  • Abdulbaqi Maryam

    Good day!
    Thank You for reading through!

    He had been doing this for a while before now actually.
    It’s just that some of us (Nigerians)aren’t open minded.

  • Excel

    I will suggest that the founder of Inksnation here in Nigeria Mr Amos Sewanu Omotade-Sparks should pls go on air radio, television etc to be interviewed and clear the air about most of the questions people asked. It will go along way to clear a lot of doubt on peoples mind.

  • Lanre Matthew Adetayo

    Good morning sir/Ma
    am a new member here in (INKNATION) just registered newly and am waiting for the upgrade going on in the inknation so that i can verify my account with the bvn as said and i will even like to be an exchanger i will like to hear or read from the appropriate quarters how it goes get back to me via my Email as below in the box

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