You Deserved To Be Loved, Never Beg For It.

“Don’t be to quick to fall in love cuz you wouldn’t be sure if the person would actually be there to catch you when you fall”. Jay Shetty.

Love is a very wonderful feeling everyone has at one point in their lives, Love can felt in different ways be it among peers, family members or with your partner.

But what I discovered about love in this era is confusing, I’ve seen many people who have remained in toxic relationships either because they love the person or because they are scared of what people would say about them and I feel that’s not right.

I feel love is like a two-way bridge, it should come from both sides, In a relationship it doesn’t make any sense for only one person to be trying so hard to make many sacrifices while the other person just does as he or she pleases

The other person who’s making all the effort deserves the same energy he or she is putting in to make things work out.

It is very unfair for a person to put in their all just to get nothing close to what they put in, If I were to give a piece of advice I would to ask the other person to stop trying.

Yes I feel if the person actually loves the other person, they would want to know why you stopped trying.

You deserve to loved so don’t go about trying to change yourself because you want someone to love you, if the person really loves you he or she would make an effort to love you unconditionally and for who you are.

If there is anybody on God’s green earth that is putting in so much effort to be loved by someone else who is not even putting in any ounce of effort, please I would advice you to move on.

Don’t be a prisoner to what you can’t change.

Move on, somewhere in the world is someone else who would actually give you the same energy and effort you give to him or her.

Don’t forget love is also like a double edged sword, it should be effective on both sides.

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